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The link between long-term, low-intensity stress and security vulnerabilities

We are currently witnessing a disconcerting trend involving the increased harnessing of fear by politicians and the media in our societies. This is not simply a matter of questionable ethics, immoral behaviour and aggressive political dogma. It is about actions with real-world consequences for our stability, security and national defence capabilities. This has prompted us to write the first of a series of articles focusing on our society’s new vulnerability and what we can do about it.

Our psychological defence (defence against disinformation campaigns, propaganda and more) is directly affected by these vulnerabilities. It is easy to forget how our circumstances affect our behaviours and vice versa. Still, the most recent crises reminded us of just how much we can change, given the right circumstances.

This paper represents an international collaboration among experts in foreign and security policy within the Pirate movement.

The Paper 

The link between long-term, low-intensity stress and security vulnerabilities

About the Authors:


Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson:

is a polymath, entrepreneur and martial artist with a degree in counterterrorism security and intelligence from Edith Cowan University in Perth, West Australia.

During the COVID pandemic, Sara worked as an anti-money-laundering professional at financial institutions in Sweden and Malta. More recently, Sara has been writing a book about violence and practical self-defence.

Schoresch Davoodi

is policy consultant and Vicechair of the Pirate Party Baden-Wuerttemberg and is currently running for the European Parlament in 2024.

Political commentator and security analyst. Co Author of the Political Crisis in Pakistan in 2007 for EPU – Because the paper went viral in Pakistan in 2017.

Alexander Kohler

is responsible for foreign and security policy at the Pirate Party Germany. He works on resilience issues and is a cyber security consultant. Doing Research on Hybrid warfare especialy Information warfare. Organizing the yearly Pirate Security Conference in Munich.


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